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CUSIG’s Mission Statement:

"To provide a cost effective Workers’ Compensation solution to California’s Credit Unions."


The Credit Union Self-Insured Group of California (CUSIG) was formed to provide an alternative self-insurance mechanism for Workers’ Compensation coverage for credit unions. CUSIG was incorporated as a California not for profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in November 2003, and was certified by the State of California as a self-insured group (SIG) on February 1, 2004.


Like many other industries in California, credit unions experienced triple digit increases in Workers’ Compensation costs from 2000 through 2004. The California Workers’ Compensation system was in ruin as claims, litigation, and medical costs escalated to all time highs. More than 25 Workers’ Compensation carriers became insolvent and the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) was no longer the market of last resort, but one of the only markets in existence.


Due to these unprecedented premium increases, five prominent credit unions pooled their mental and monetary resources to start what has now become one of the most successful self-insured groups in California and, arguably, one of the most successful in the United States. Since its inception, CUSIG has grown, significantly, and its current market share is approximately 20% of the entire California credit union industry, when measured by payroll with all credit unions.


CUSIG provides its members with primary, excess and aggregate workers’ compensation insurance, proactive claims management, and extensive risk control services.  CUSIG’s support team provides support services such as marketing, underwriting, admission and certification processing services to potential new members, ongoing administration, claims shadowing, safety training, and risk control consultation.

All of these products and services are provided to CUSIG members giving them the ability to control their claims and overall Workers’ Compensation costs.  Through its support team, CUSIG maintains a high standard of services and continues to provide its Members with quality workers’ compensation coverage at a savings over the standard insurance market.

Through this website CUSIG provides a working platform where members can obtain information and handle all matters related to their Workers Compensation program.